Things to do
Visit our café and picnic area. See, hear and smell our pigs, sheep, goats, donkeys, chickens and lots more animals. Enjoy woodland walks and our outdoor play area. Sit on a tractor plus lots more!
Contact us
Contact details, directions and opening hours
Supporting vulnerable and disadvantaged people
Placements for young people
A total sensory experience on a working farm
Volunteer in a beautiful countryside setting, meet new people, give back to the community
How it all began to the present day - milestones through the history of Amelia Trust Farm
School Visits
Option 1: The farm tour which is focussed on farm animals and food production. Option 2: Environmental / Conservation visits

Welcome to the Amelia Trust Farm

The Amelia Trust is a working farm set on 160 acres of countryside in the beautiful Vale of Glamorgan. Visitors are invited to see, hear and smell a working farm, which is providing an alternative education for vulnerable and disadvantaged young people working with skilled staff and volunteers.

The many other people that make up the daily community on the farm include volunteers, adults with learning difficulties on work placements and members of the public enjoying the wonders of nature which offer a calming and therapeutic environment. It is a fantastic recipe that makes the Amelia Trust Farm an amazing place to be.