Our Care Farm is steeped in history with nearly 30 yrs. experience of helping the most vulnerable.

We have a proven track record of supporting vulnerable young people in South Wales, with 93% of young people on placement with Amelia Trust Farm moving on to education, training or employment. Without this intervention, sadly the statistics for young people excluded from school are worrying with only 1% gaining 5 GCSES or more and excluded children going on to make up most of the prison population, you can see how vital this work is. We provide them with hope, confidence and coping mechanisms as well as qualifications to prevent them becoming another statistic.

We have seen a growing need for more intensive support for some of the hardest to reach young people where they require one to one support. Therefore, last academic year we launched our Grow programme to include the introduction of an Occupational Therapist (OT) into our delivery team. This first year has seen considerable success with our young people.

Our Grow programme takes a “whole-person approach” which enables individuals to achieve their full potential.  This means that we get to know the individual by considering several intrinsic and extrinsic factors which could be psychological, physiological, cognitive, neuro-behavioural, spiritual (their values/drivers) or environmental.  We then compile an Individual Plan which includes practical and purposeful activities using the various resources at the Farm including our animals, woodlands, new Farm Shop, ICT suite, sports hall, independent living centre and carpentry workshops.  The end goal is to help the young person to progress into further education, employment or training.