With a history of dog walkers visiting the Farm we thought we would dedicate a day to them and their four legged friends.

Celebrating your four-legged friends can be as easy as giving them a big hug and kiss (if they like that sort of affection)! But for those who want to take their love and appreciation to another level, bring your doggies to the Farm for a great day out. 

With maps available on entrance to show you the trails you can have a wonderful time on your woodland walkies. 

And then after relax in our super dog friendly resident cafe The Farm Kitchen, they will be giving away dog treats when you spend £5 or more. 

Come and discover a dog friendly Farm in the Vale of Glamorgan which you can make a regular hang-out with your pooch! 

Take a pet selfie with your dog and enter to win a prize for the best selfie! 

More information to follow soon!

We want you and your dog to have a safe and happy walk so please follow the Countryside Dog Walking Code

1. Keep your dog on a lead around livestock, near cliff edges and where signage requires it.

2. Prevent your dog from approaching horse riders, cyclists or other people and their dogs uninvited.

3. Keep your dog on the paths or public right of way.

4. Never let your dog worry or chase wildlife or livestock.

5. Do not let yourself get between a cow and her calf. 
If you have a dog with you, the most important thing for your safety and the dog’s safety is to let go of the lead. 
The dog will be able to run quickly to safety.

6. Please make sure your dog’s worming programme is up to date. This will keep our crops, livestock and children safe.

7. Always pick up your dog’s waste and put it in any bin.