I left University in 2015, after studying Zoology. I started working in animal education by getting a job in a safari park and stayed in zoo education until I started at the farm September 2018. I have always been interested in animal facts and thought animal education was the best way to tell people all the facts I learnt as a kid. I love being able to share the practical side of what I have learnt, both at uni and in the zoos and applying it to the farm animals.

My favourite animals on the farm are the ponies, Buddy and Mack, and the crested gecko Gizmo (I’ll always have a spot for exotics from my zoo days).

'Fun facts' - I love to bake cakes! I once adopted a rescue puppy who was meant to be a whippet but ended up being a deer hound (twice the size!), resulting in me having to buy a new car for her to fit in. Oh, and I am a qualified dog groomer!