Thanks to funding from the Welsh Government Rural Communities – Rural Development Programme which is funded by the European Agricultural Fund for Regional Development, the Farm has wonderful new facilities to support its therapeutic programmes with disadvantaged and vulnerable people. Two disused offices and a third room have been transformed into a new multimedia studio which provides a creative setting to encourage the expression of feelings and emotions through the medium of music and multimedia.

Amelia Trust Farm supports young people who feel socially excluded and come from some of the most deprived communities in Wales. This new facility provides an environment which gives these young people the autonomy needed in order to create a sense of full control as well as the feeling of safety and security. From this, self-esteem and trust is developed naturally and gives the young person the confidence to reflect on their personal circumstances. 

Young people on our therapeutic programmes love this new resource. It helps to develop their emotional literacy to enable them to cope with difficult issues and make the right choices to lead productive and fulfilling lives.

                                                                                  says Karen Turnbull, Director at Amelia Trust Farm.

The new music and multimedia facility is also available to other organisations supporting vulnerable groups such as adults with learning difficulties and individuals with mental health issues so that they may also benefit from this therapeutic environment. The funding has also been used to create disabled access to this new facility.