Events & Prices

Why not come and experience one of our events. We have a wide array of fun and educational events and activities running all year round, for all ages. Entrance charges apply: £2 per adult £1.50 per child £5 Family ticket - up to 2 Adults and up to 3 Children Under 2s free Carers free If the Welcome Shelter is not staffed please put your entrance fee in the honesty box at the entrance ( Sheep's mouth). Read more

Meet our Animals

Here at the farm we are home to over 20 wonderful species, little and large, from our chatty guinea pigs to our curious donkeys. We are a registered charity care farm as well as being a donkey sanctuary and we are open to the general public throughout the year. Read more

Spiritual place

We welcome everyone to the Farm. For some people, Amelia Trust Farm is a special place for reflection and a haven of peace. Read more

Woodlands & Trails

We have 28 acres of woodland for you to explore and various trails to keep you interested. Our trails are designed to help you explore the woodlands and introduce you to the diversity of wildlife and wide variety of landscapes. Read more