Our programme for 14-16 years old focuses on establishing a positive self-awareness and identity.  At this stage of a young person's development, a role confusion can be caused by the conflicting guidance given from the people who influence a young person.  Until this point their life development depends on what is 'done to them'. Now development depends on what a person 'does'.  Young people will often struggle to discover their own identity and push boundaries.  Many experience difficulties when forming or maintaining relationships.  By withdrawing from their responsibilities young people may feel that they are delaying adulthood.

Key elements of our intervention include:

  • Assessing the needs of the individual
  • Feeling of security/sense of belonging
  • Increasing motivation levels
  • Developing a sense of purpose through vocational education
  • Pastoral support
Depending on the rate of personal development, a young person can take responsibilities at the Farm for a trial period which can the lead to the young person gaining the status of 'Young Person Assistant' which entitles them to have more control over their placement at the Farm and gives them more opportunity to receive higher level of education from the staff. The YPA will then work towards building a portfolio of evidence and qualifications that can be shown to a potential employer or college.