Amelia Trust Farm is committed to the equal treatment of all staff, volunteers and applicants, regardless of a person's race, colour, religious beliefs, gender, sexual orientation, marital status, disability or age.  Acts of discrimination, victimisation and harassment will be regarded as very serious breaches of discipline by this organisation and will be dealt with using the disciplinary procedure as set out in the contracts of employment.

The Director is responsible for informing all staff and volunteers of this policy and their responsibilities in carrying it out, monitoring it, and ensuring that it is being implemented in all aspects. It is also the Director's responsibility to ensure that all members of staff, volunteers and consultants are kept informed of changes to codes of practice and legislation as they occur.

 If an employee or volunteer feels that they have suffered discrimination, victimisation or harassment, they should institute the grievance procedure. If the complaint is against their line manager, then notification should be made to the Director. If the complaint is against the Director, then notification should be made to the Chair of the Council of Management. If the person accused of the discrimination is found culpable, disciplinary proceedings will be instigated.

Referrals will not be refused admission to the Farm and its activities on the grounds of race, colour, religious beliefs, gender or sexual orientation.

In appointing new staff, the selection criteria, short listing procedure and interviewing practice will be given careful consideration. All will be free of assumptions based on age, gender, race, colour, religious beliefs, marital status, marital intentions or family responsibilities.