Emily's Story

When Emily first came to the Farm in Sept 2018 she was suffering with high levels of anxiety. She had difficulty engaging in social situations and had completely withdrawn from the classroom environment. At Amelia Trust Farm she has had the opportunity to develop within the therapeutic environment of the Farm. This environment has had a transformative effect and has helped Emily to manage her anxiety and increase her confidence levels and is pursuing her goal of studying art at College.

Knowing that as a small charity raising funds is a continual challenge, Emily has decided to donate all money she received for her 16th birthday. 

Emily said:

“Amelia Trust Farm has helped me to make connections and communicate with people my age and adults.”

Emily’s mum commented:

“It is great to see our daughter back to her normal self, chatting with everyone.”

On leaving Amelia Trust Farm, Emily and her family sent a card with the words:

“When your darkest cloud looms and you can’t see the silver lining just remember in the distance the sun will still be shining and when it feels like the world’s turning to the beat of a different drum just remember to keep smiling…. the best is yet to come.”

Her mum said:

“Thank you to everyone who have helped, nurtured and given Emily the most amazing experience. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts.”