The studio setting provides a creative environment that encourages the expression of feelings and emotions through the medium of music and multimedia. The environment provides the autonomy needed in order to create a sense of full control whilst giving the feeling of safety and security. From this, self-esteem and trust is developed naturally and the confidence to reflect on their personal circumstances increases.

There are a variety of musical activities available in the Music Studio, from creating a CD compilation to composing music using the computer or a musical instrument. Sessions are young person centred and are tailored to meet the needs and ability of the individual; whether they be emotional, social or motivational. In addition to these activities young people are encouraged to explore personal issues through the medium of multimedia and photography projects.

Emotional Literacy – Music encourages listeners to connect with feelings and emotions through sound, beats, lyrics and the vocal expression of tone, volume and cadence. Young people can express themselves through supported lyric writing, production of music or various issue based multimedia that reflect their current circumstances.

Attitudinal Skills - Activities are chosen by young people and their enthusiasm provides the platform in which to challenge them. Through these
regular challenges they are able to see a substantial improvement in their self-confidence and their ability. Music can help change a person’s
mood which in turn influences their attitude.

Communication Skills – The music studio helps develop basic literacy and communication skills in the medium of Information Technology,
project development, group debate and expression through music.

The work within Music and Multimedia counts towards Units 507, 508 and 511 of the City & Guilds Skills for Working Life Qualification. Young
people are assessed on their knowledge of using the Internet, Word Processing and Graphics packages whilst engaging in activities related to