Our education model is divided into specific strategies encompassing basic physiological, psychological and occupational needs.  The young people referred to Amelia Trust Farm, like so many adolescents are experiencing difficulties in life and we aim to support and value them through those difficulties whether they are feeling threatened, vulnerable, anxious or disadvantaged.

All our staff are trained in Managing Actual or Potential Aggression (MAPA) which is BILD approved.  This enables them to provide a nurturing environment that assures an individual's care, welfare, safety and security whilst identifying further developmental needs.

Amelia Trust Farm is an approved City and Guilds Centre offering and Entry 3 Award, Certificate or Diploma in Skills for Working Life as well as Level 1 qualifications.  These qualifications have been carefully chosen to accredit every part of a young person's experience at the Farm.  No matter how short or long a placement, a young person is able to achieve the units applicable to the engagement they have shown.  All units achieved are transferrable and can be built upon for the future.

Activities and interventions provide a total sensory experience within a farming environment which include:

Animal therapies


Music and Multimedia