Lucinda was a troubled young person referred when she was 14 due to the level of verbal and physical aggression she displayed towards her peers and staff members. Lucinda stayed at Amelia Trust Farm for 3 years whilst being moved to six different foster care provisions.

Prior to being placed in care, Lucinda was subject to emotional, physical and sexual abuse from her family. In Year 12 Lucinda was allowed to return home as the family circumstances had improved but in the past six months she has been made homeless twice due to the breakdown in communication with her family and the lack of support from other services.

At the beginning of Lucinda’s placement she displayed a high level of attention seeking behaviour and was extremely loud and provocative when communicating with others. This caused Lucinda to end up in confrontations with both staff and young people. Within two months Lucinda had settled into the project and was able to identify that the staff cared about her welfare, safety and security.  After achieving both personally and academically Lucinda moved on to become an advocate for children who were in similar situations. On her last day Lucinda stated

“I am going to miss everyone at the Farm, they were like the family I never had”

The NSPCC state that there are currently 93,000 children in care in the UK. Over 60% of children in care are looked after due to abuse and neglect. A small proportion of children in care experience further abuse and neglect whilst in care. 30% of children who return home are back in care within 5 years and children in care are less likely than their peers to do well at school.

Source: NSPCC calculation based on published statistics for looked-after children in England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales for 2010-15.