This intervention makes use of our Independent Living Centre (ILC) which has a fully equipped kitchen with an additional ‘anatomy themed’ work space. The Centre environment encourages the exploration of a young person’s current needs and provides a space for them to discern solutions.

This working area is designed to integrate learning and experiences into useable skills for the young people as they develop. This facility is often used after a need has been identified (either by the young person, staff or referrers) to develop independence and confidence in autonomy. The young people are encouraged to contribute towards the structure of their placement and set goals to meet their needs.

Soft Outcomes

Relationship Skills

This facility allows for a breadth of exploration into the meaning of relationships and what makes them effective. We are able to explore the aspects that go into making relationships either positive or not and the influence that relationships can have on us.

Emotional Literacy

The recognition and communication of emotions is something that we work intensively on with all young people. We explore what emotions have an impact on us and our behaviours as well as looking at strategies that ensure we maintain control of our emotions.

Hard Outcomes

Young Person Assistant

Being able to identify and work on relationships and emotions means that the young people are able to more confidently and competently express themselves. This allows a much greater opportunity for discussion of motivation and understanding of the work that needs to take place.


The work within the sports hall counts towards units 204, 405 and 409 of the City & Guilds Skills for Working Life qualification. The work that goes on within the ILC contributes to the motivation and development of work within other staff areas also.